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Legals Medina 1


Notice is hereby given that on September 27, 2018 commencing at 6:00 p.m., and that on September 27, 2018, commencing at 6:30 p.m. at the Village Hall 7966 Lake Road, Chippewa Lake Ohio the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (“NOPEC”), on behalf of Gloria Glens Park Village, will hold public hearings with respect to the Plan of Operations and Governance for the aggregation of competitive retail natural gas (the “Aggregation Program”), as previously authorized by such members pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code Section 4929.26. The Aggregation Program will apply automatically to all eligible customers of retail natural gas within the jurisdiction of Gloria Glens Park Village, except for those who elect to opt-out. Customers may opt-out without charge during a designated opt-out period prior to the initiation of service under the Aggregation Program and approximately every two years thereafter. NOPEC seeks to provide low-cost natural gas for consumers by selecting a supplier through a negotiation process and leveraging combined resources and buying power of member communities in NOPEC. The Plan of Operations and Governance addresses the following topics regarding the Aggregation Program: (1) goals, operations and funding; (2) consumer participation, including terms of opting-out; (3) customer care; (4) organization structure and management of NOPEC; and (5) the steps toward establishing the Aggregation Program.

Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council

M.G. 9/13-24/18 20623283

COURT OF COMMON PLEAS MEDINA COUNTY, OHIO JPMC Specialty Mortgage LLC Plaintiff, -vs- The Unknown Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, Executors, Administrators, Spouses and Assigns and the Unknown Guardians of Minor and/or Incompetent Heirs of Lynne Marie Cassano, et al. Defendants Case No.: 18CIV0672 Judge: Christopher Collier LEGAL NOTICE IN SUIT FOR FORECLOSURE OF MORTGAGE

The Unknown Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, Executors, Administrators, Spouses and Assigns and the Unknown Guardians of Minor and/or Incompetent Heirs of Lynne Marie Cassano, whose last known address is Address Unknown and cannot by reasonable diligence be ascertained, will take notice that on the 2nd day of July, 2018, JPMC Specialty Mortgage LLC filed its Complaint in the Common Pleas Court of Medina County, Ohio in Case No. 18CIV0672, on the docket of the Court, and the object and demand for relief of which pleading is to foreclose the lien of plaintiff's mortgage recorded upon the following described real estate to wit: Property Address: 142 Claremont Drive, Brunswick, OH 44212 and being more particularly described in plaintiff's mortgage recorded in Mortgage Instrument No. 2003OR008002, of this County Recorder's Office. All of the above named defendants are required to answer within twenty-eight (28) days after last publication, which shall be published once a week for three consecutive weeks, or they might be denied a hearing in this case.

Amanda B. Romanello (0080681) Kerri N. Bruckner (0074024) Richard Mark Rothfuss II (0087592) Jeffrey R. Helms (0075659) Jennifer N. Templeton (0084661) Trial Counsel LERNER, SAMPSON & ROTHFUSS Attorneys for Plaintiff P.O. Box 5480 Cincinnati, OH 45201-5480 (513) 241-3100

M.G. 9/17-24; 10/1/18 20623417

NOTICE TO BIDDERS STATE OF OHIO DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Columbus, Ohio Division of Construction Management Legal Copy Number: 180545

Sealed proposals will be accepted from pre-qualified bidders at the ODOT Office of Contracts until 10:00 a.m. on October 25, 2018. Project 180545 is located in Medina County, SR 94-18.66 and is a BRIDGE REPLACEMENT (1 BRIDGE) project. The date set for completion of this work shall be as set forth in the bidding proposal. Plans and Specifications are on file in the Department of Transportation. C.T. 9/17-24/18 20623383